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Detour was founded with one simple guiding principle: roast the best coffees, the best we can. Such a simple statement doesn’t answer the multitude of questions we get from our customers especially in regards to sustainability and certifications such as organic and Fair Trade.  We like to use the term “Approach” to the way we source our coffees. We believe in building relationships with importers and producers based upon mutual respect and the pursuit of quality. Ideally we would be able to buy every one of our coffees direct from origin.  However, the logistical implications and cost of this means we can only do a small amount of it.  This year we have purchased directly 1/2 of our Guatemalan coffees and all our Costa Ricans.  For most of our coffees we work closely with importers who share the same guiding principals as ourselves and who pay a premium to secure high quality coffees.  These importers work directly in producing countries sourcing coffees often purchasing from the same producers year after year which means we can continue to access amazing coffees.

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